To Promote Your Business Buy Your Printed Lighters Wholesale And Save

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Businesses in Australia have discovered that by buying printed lighters wholesale they can market their business every time they sell one.

Establishments such as pubs, resorts, supermarkets, etc. by purchasing bulk lighters wholesale printed with your name you can choose to sell them or give them away. When a customer purchases a certain amount of goods they could be given a free lighter. Or they can be given away with no purchase required. Most people appreciate a free gift.

Lighters are pretty inexpensive and can be used as a tool to market a company, a new product, a contest, or a sales promotion. They can remind customers of your business. Are you looking for a way to cheaply and easily advertise your business?

Unique marketing solutions can be devised using printed lighters. Your customers will see your name every time they use their lighter. Lighters also get left behind and then found by others who will also see your business name.

Lighters are used in many situations, and not only by people who smoke. People of all ages use lighters for a variety of purposes. People want to collect and share lighters with advertising on them, and a free lighter may make them to return to your business and bring their friends. You could even get creative, and run a coupon special on the lighter such as “return with this usb lighter and save 10%”.

There is no end to the ideas you can come up with for printing your lighters, you wouldn’t believe what some people have printed on them. While personalized products can be expensive, buying lighters wholesale is surprisingly affordable. Companies are realizing how popular these lighters are and are ordering them in the thousands.

Hotels, pubs, resorts, and even supermarkets are using branded lighters to bring in new customers and advertise their business. Branded lighters are sold by many businesses instead of plain ones. If a customer comes in for a lighter, you might as well sell him one with your logo on it instead of a generic one. This is a win-win situation, as you advertise your business, they pay for the lighter, and your logo is still seen every time the customer uses it.

Of all the promotional products available lighters are one of the most effective. People tend to keep lighters, unlike other promotional products, because they are functional, they also tend to get passed around.
Promotional lighters com in many colours so check them out before deciding what you want. You might surprise yourself at some of the ideas that you come up with!